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Geordie philanthropist, Brian Burnie, has organised a statue to honour ALL Far East Prisoners of War. Watch Part Two.


Ex-Far East Prisoner of World War II, Mr Len Gibson, B.E.M is a local hero.

To commemorate ALL FAR EAST PRISONERS OF WORLD WAR II, our charity founder, Brian Burnie, is campaigning to create a statue of Len. Designed and built by Ray Lonsdale, the creator of Seaham’s ‘Tommy’ statue, it will be erected on the route of the Newcastle to Sunderland VJ Day Walk, at Roker Cliff Park, Sunderland.

Len, born in Sunderland, endured three and a half years on the notorious Burma Railway and Bridge over the River Kwai, suffered near starvation, disease and brutality as a Japanese prisoner of war. Help create a statue of Len to be errected in Sunderland.

Creation of the ‘Forgotten Army’ statue – Part One.

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Ray Lonsdale