'Polar Bound' for Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care!

David Scott Cowper

Suzannah Broome, 67, Brian Burnie 79, and David Scott-Cowper, 82, pictured by the ‘Polar Bound’.

82 year old cancer patient takes on his greatest challenge to raise funds to purchase new cancer patient ambulances!

Newcastle yachtsman, David Scott Cowper, 82, was the first man to sail solo round the world in both directions.

Awarded Honorary Freedom of the City of Newcastle, Mr Cowper, who is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, is now taking on a huge personal challenge; a return voyage through the Northwest Passage - the sea lane between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Arctic Ocean, while emphasising the services of local charity Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care.

The sailing was to depart in July 2023, but David's cancer diagnosis meant the adventure was put on hold. Mr Cowper has been undergoing Radiotherapy and although his treatment is not yet completed, he is pushing ahead to depart Royal Quays Marina during the first week of July 2024 along with crew member Suzannah Broome.

What an amazing challenge!!!

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Connection with cancer

During treatment at Newcastle Freeman Hospital, David became familiar with the service and volunteers of the Newcastle based charity, Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care.

“Daft as a Brush offers a unique service in collecting, delivering patients to the Freeman Hospital, and then returning patients to their home after treatment. Patients with cancer can form friendships as they have a common denominator and as the treatment has a set timetable, people meet at the same date and time.

After the completion of my treatment, I am looking forward to resuming my activities with ‘Polar Bound’ this July and help promote the great work of this local charity that offers a lifeline to thousands of patients each year.

I am lucky to live very close to the hospital, so I walked there each day. But there are hundreds of patients all over the region and beyond who do not live near a cancer centre, the Daft as a Brush free service is essential in our region and beyond.” Said Mr Cowper.

Can you help us raise funds for 4 new ambulances?

This 20,000 mile journey through the Northwest Passage

Both treacherous and brutal. The expedition is unforgiving with temperatures down to -20 degrees C, ice, snow, bitter gales and weeks of isolation. But David will not be alone on this attempt, he will be accompanied by one crew member, Susannah Broome, 67.

 Highlighting the good work and the need for the Daft as a Brush charity, both David and charity boss Brian Burnie are hoping to raise funds for brand-new cancer patient ambulances at the country’s main cancer hubs in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast and London as part of the charity’s goal to expand nationwide.

Please help us reach our target to help cancer patients in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England!

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David Cowper and Brian Burnie

Cancer charity boss, Brian Burnie:

“Such a gruelling challenge for anyone, but at 82? David’s passion and commitment is hugely admirable, and to highlight the Daft as a Brush charity is very thoughtful. David has seen first-hand what the work over 450 volunteers can make happen each day. We’re thrilled to be part of his journey and with luck, wouldn’t it be fantastic if enough funds were raised to purchase new cancer patient ambulances in all 4 countries? England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales?”

Supporting the project mile by mile, Brian and David are reaching out to the whole country to support this initiative with all funds going to help cancer patients on their journey to recovery.

“It’s around 20,000 miles return to navigate the hazardous NWP. If we can raise £5 per mile, that would gift the charity the funds we need (c£100,000). Daft as a Brush are trying to expand their service to help even more patients get to and from hospital, free of charge.

Everyone is invited to Royal Quays Marina in early July (date and time TBA) to give David and Susannah a big send off. They set sail bound for Artic and to Canada and should return by Christmas 2024.”

Tracking Polar Bound's progress...

Coming very soon!

We’re connecting to the GPX system on Polar Bound to track progress and location. View the vessel in real-time as she takes on this epic challenge with David and Suzannah as the only crew. Please share on Social and donate if you can, to support the purchase of 4 brand new cancer patient ambulances. Thank you!